Drones Ford will deliver the pizza

Ford and pizza maker Domino sPizza will explore the possibility of using Autonomous cars to deliver pizza.

During the experiment, the representatives of both companies are exploring the reaction of customers who ordered the pizza delivery, the need for interaction with an Autonomous car. This study is important for both companies who are trying to understand the attitude of users to the future the transition to Autonomous vehicles in the field of food delivery.
In the next few weeks randomly selected customers of Domino’s in Ann arbor (Michigan) will have the opportunity to pick up your order from the experimental Autonomous vehicle with a hybrid power-wheel-drive Ford Fusion Hybrid.
To ensure the safety in the driver’s seat will be a Ford engineer, the passengers of the car will also be researchers from both companies. Agreed to participate in the survey, customers will be able to track the location of a delivery vehicle by GPS by using an advanced version of the service to track your order Domino’s Tracker.
At the time of arrival of the vehicle they will also receive an SMS with instructions on how to get a pizza from the special heated container Heatwave Compartment in Ford with a unique code.
Ford and Domino’s has already completed preliminary tests of the vehicle in the Autonomous mode in Mcity, the full-scale model of the city on the square the University of Michigan. The city of Ann arbor supported the tests in this urban environment.
Ford plans to begin production of Autonomous vehicles in 2021, so the automaker now is looking for business solutions that will meet the needs of both partner companies and their customers.

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