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Electric cars will be allowed on leased and allowed to free ride on toll roads

The government is discussing incentives for electric vehicles.Elena Alekseeva


New Russian development: the car, driven by the power of thought

Measures to stimulate the market of electric vehicles discuss the Ministry of industry and trade, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of transport and other departments, follows from the draft of the schedule of development of electric vehicle in 2020, which is at the disposal of “Izvestia”. From this it follows that owners of electric vehicles can be allowed on dedicated lanes for public transport, they also want to allow free Parking at the Federal level and the free use of toll roads. Also it is proposed to exempt owners of cars with electric motors from vehicle tax.

In addition, it is proposed to encourage manufacturers of electric cars and to provide them with tax benefits.

However, not all authorities are in favour of granting benefits. So, the Ministry of Finance against the incentives of factories to those produced electric cars, and the provision to such enterprises of tax benefits. The Department believes that the budget for the 2019-2021 years already pledged funds to support research and development work, these measures may want to use manufacturers of electric vehicles. Free use of electric vehicles on the toll highways also do not support, as a shortfall in income of “Avtotor” will have to compensate from the budget.

The Ministry of transport do not support the admission of electric vehicles to travel on dedicated lanes, however, local authorities may at their discretion allow the movement of such vehicles for the idea of specially, selecting the appropriate traffic signs. For example, in Moscow for several years, there is free Parking for electric cars.

Market experts believe that in addition to this, it is necessary to reduce the overhead when importing such cars into the country, after taking into account customs duties, VAT, installation, GLONASS and services brokers prices for electric cars increase to 38-40%

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Photo: Sergey Savostyanov/TASS

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