Electric Mercedes-benz can be recharged in 5 minutes

“Cargo” division of Daimler AG invested $ 60 million in Israeli startup StoreDot, which is developing “organic” batteries with fast charging. Funds will be directed to the implementation of technology into mass production. StoreDot technology is the creation of semiconductor nano-crystals, the basis for which are peptides. The company claims that they have developed a battery pack with a capacity of 75 kilowatt-hours will fully charge in five minutes and provides the mileage of up to 480 kilometers. More about the technology is not known, but it should be gone by 2022.

In Daimler AG believe that the StoreDot technology is particularly interesting for commercial vehicles. Combined with effective use of energy recovery it will allow less to charge the car and increase the mileage on a single charge.How is the progress of charging stations for electric vehicles. Review of new solutions

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