Electrocreaser Audi E-Tron: displays even in the doors

Eelectrocreaser the Audi E-Tron got two external video cameras, replacing the conventional side mirrors. The image from these devices is displayed on a seven-inch OLED displays located in the upper corners of the door panels. For cameras, there are three modes: highway, turning and Parking. Thus, the driver can zoom in or zoom out image.

In the salon, done in the spirit of recent models such as A6, A8 and the cross-coupe Q8 — a fully digital instrument panel and two large display on the center console, one of which is responsible for managing the media, and the second for the climate control and other functions. In addition, electrotransfer get and high-end sound system Bang&Olufsen with 16 speakers and a 750 watt amplifier.

Serial Audi E-Tron will be equipped with two electric motors with total capacity of 360 forces that when you activate sport mode for a short time will be able to produce more than 400 HP. To the first hundred crossover can accelerate for six seconds at a maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

The batteries with a capacity of 95 kWh will allow to pass without charging up to 400 kilometers. When using 150-kilowatt fast-charging the reserve battery can fill up in half an hour.

Premiere of the first production Audi electrocreaser was to be held in late August in Brussels, but because of the arrest of the head of the company Rupert Stadler it was moved to September and will hold in the United States. The SUV will arrive next year at a price of 80 thousand euros.

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