“Eurobserv” handed over to the police

N > we recall that a few weeks ago, the Cabinet tentatively adopted resolution No. 479 dated 20 June, “On the implementation of the pilot project for the creation of conditions to prevent the evasion of customs payments”, expanding the powers of the employees of national police for the control of colleagues of the SFS. This decision, in particular, access of law enforcement to the automated system of customs clearance “Inspector-2006” – it fixes all the cars crossing the border.

According to the law, if the machine is driven in the mode of temporary import, then within 90 days you must register it with the service center of the Ministry of interior. What almost no one does — after all, a policeman stopping the driver does not know exactly when the car entered Ukraine. And now you will know!

Finding the excess of the period of stay to start the patrol will issue a fine of 255 UAH, but in case of repeated violation “eurobroker” can lose the right to drive for 3-6 months and even the car.

In addition, the police descended on her with an array of information cost creative and connected to catching violators of the customs of peace system “Frontier”. According to rumors, the owners of the cars on avtonomera already sounding the alarm and threaten massive strikes.

Burning “EuroBLECH”

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