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Festive tube is beautiful! But from the height of bird flight

Before the new year holidays Moscow, and not only she, stood in traffic jams. That is, tightly. But it could be worse: maybe this someone will become easier.Alexander Khlynov


I was stuck in traffic and talking on the phone. What fine then?

The festivals associated with the road, and the road — tradition. It is and purchase products for the festive table, and finding gifts that are not ashamed to put under the Christmas tree and trip to visit, which is also an important tradition in some countries. For example, in the USA thanksgiving and Christmas are celebrated in the family circle, and the multiple generations that it becomes a real challenge and for roads, and for the people.

Enjoy half-minute video showing many kilometers tube in Los Angeles on the 405 freeway.

It’s not a traffic jam due to major accidents or road closures on the occasion of the passage of VIPs. It’s just a lot of people on the road, traveling to relatives on the eve of thanksgiving.

Congestion is visible not only on the freeway where the cars stand in 12 rows, but also on adjacent streets, from quarter to quarter. Hear what the announcer of TV channel, commenting on the situation, amazed with the scope tube and at the same time delighted by it. Apparently, Los Angeles is also unusual.

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Photo: YouTube

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