For “drunk” of the accident will be put on 10 years

Zacontract No. 7064 was supported by 240 people’s deputies. It provides for the introduction into the criminal code a new article No. 286-1, increasing the penalty for violation of safety rules of traffic by persons in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. The explanatory note States that 37% of the total number of road accidents in Ukraine is performed with the participation of drunk drivers.

If the drunk driver violated traffic rules and this resulted in serious bodily injury or death of the victim or several people, it is proposed to introduce punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of 8-10 years with deprivation of the right to operate for a period of 10 years. If, despite the ban, the driver once again got behind the wheel of the machine, he faces imprisonment for a term of 5 years with deprivation of the right to operate for life.

At the moment the perpetrator of the accident, which injured or killed one person, may be deprived of liberty for a term up to three years with the possibility of disqualification. Drivers who knocked down a few people, now can condemn to imprisonment for the term from 3 till 8 years with deprivation of the rights.

To arrange an accident will be new

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