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Frozen omyvayki — is it fine? You’d be surprised, but Yes!

We collected five typical winter disorders. Any driver will be useful to know what’s the punishment in each case.Ilya Pimenov “Behind the wheel”

Parking with the engine running in a residential area

As we just wrote, even the most modern engines need at least a short warm up. In the summer it doesn’t cause problems — just a few minutes. Winter is more difficult: many motors stubbornly refuses to warm up (respectively, and the oven does not defrost glass). While in SDA RF there is a paragraph 17.2, prohibiting Parking in a residential area with the engine running. According to paragraph 1.2 of traffic rules, Parking is a deliberate termination of traffic for longer than 5 minutes.

In article 12.19 of the administrative code, the penalty for such violation is 500 rubles or warning. And in the cities of Federal significance Moscow or Saint-Petersburg — 2500 rubles. No warning.

You are trying to fine? Recall the definition of Parking, which is a deliberate termination of traffic that is not associated with the boarding or disembarkation of passengers or loading or unloading the vehicle. Call of passengers or carry cargo. It is possible that it will work.

Worn tires

A reasonable person does not need to be convinced that in the summer you need to ride with summer tires and in winter — on winter. But where, in winter, so a lot of cars on summer tires to the same worn out? They are dangerous, but fined them only on part 1 of article 12.5 of the administrative code, if the tread on summer tires less than 1.6 mm. the fine is 500 rubles (or warning). The minimum allowable tread depth of tyres marked as winter (with three peaks and a snowflake within, the letters “M+S”, “M&S”, “M S” on the sidewall) — 4 mm.

As for the penalty for using summer tires in the winter, the deputies discuss the bill in 2016, but still not accepted him even in the first reading. Determined only the amount of the fine is 2000 roubles. But as long as he does not threaten anyone.

Dirty headlights

Summer dirty lights — rare. In the winter — unfortunately, the norm, while the number of reagents, which pour and roll on the road, and mud, pulled apart by machines. The traffic police have the right to fine you 500 rubles for the same part 1 of article 12.5 of the administrative code for failing the Basic provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation (paragraph 3.3 of the list of malfunctions and conditions under which prohibits operation of vehicles, traffic rules of the Russian Federation: “do not work in the established mode or are polluted exterior lights and reflectors”).

However, you already know that for such a violation is not only fine, but a warning. We will remind about this to the inspector and wipe lights.

Broken wiper and washer system

If the dirty lights can be wiped in place, thereby eliminating the cause of the violation, with frozen mywiki much more complicated. To warm tank is not so easy, especially in the field.

Meanwhile, all the same part 1 of article 12.5 of the administrative code provides for punishment for the non-working wiper and (or) washer (items 4.1 and 4.2 List of faults and conditions under which prohibits operation of vehicles).

But don’t be fooled by the name of the List: as in the previous case, the operation will not forbid it, but I can write a 500-ruble fine. Or get off with a warning.


Part 1 of article 12.2 of the administrative code allows to fine (or to issue a warning) for unreadable (the state registration signs). I wonder how inspectors determine such numbers. In a note to this article of the Code States that in the daytime from a distance of 20 meters should be read at least one symbol and the front and rear rooms, and in the dark — at least one symbol of the back rooms, otherwise rooms are recognized as unreadable.

If the rooms will be covered with a thick layer of ice and snow (in dry weather), the inspectors can impute and the second part of the same article 12.2, namely, the obstacle identification registration plates. The punishment is more serious — 5000 roubles or deprivation of rights from one to three months. Will have to prove that you are traveling from afar and the way you caught the heavy snow. That’s what I had to do one Metropolitan driver, who was accused of concealing numbers. The court, he won, taking reference from the meteorologists on the weather on the day of the meeting with the inventive traffic cops.

In accordance with article 1.5 of the administrative code a person subject to administrative liability only for those offences in respect of which his guilt has been established. If you stop a Protocol, the weather conditions were really bad (or dirt road, or heavy snowfalls), the causes of pollution are circumstances beyond the control of the driver.

However, before the court better not to bring and from time to time to inspect the car that the inspectors of traffic police was not against you.

  • For these nine violations will punish you more severely than you think.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS

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