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Get ready for a new penalty: the government has approved the idea

The Cabinet of Ministers confirmed the need for the introduction of fines for unpaid use of toll roads.Alexander Khlynov


Toll roads in Russia will be 3 times more

At yesterday’s meeting, devoted to the development of the Expressway network in the country, approved the introduction of penalties for drivers who do not pay toll road.

Today, the punishment for “rabbits” in the laws are not spelled out. Now will develop a bill of amendments to the administrative code, where we shall describe the violation of the self and the range of the amount of the fine.

It is currently envisaged that the penalty for unpaid use of toll road can be from 5 thousand to 10 thousand rubles. But while it is not accurate. The actual amount of the fine we know when the bill will be directed on consideration in the state Duma, which, in turn, will be able to adjust the punishment.

This amendment of the Budget code suggest that collect “rabbits” fines will be directed to repair and build roads, that is, to the Federal road Fund.

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Photo: TASS

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