Honda Urban Concept EV. Electric car in retro style

Protatif compact urban electro hatchback costs 3895 mm in length, vaguely reminiscent of a Honda Civic second generation, built on a completely new platform of the Japanese company.

And it’s not just one of the many show cars — according to the President of Honda, Takahiro, Hachigo, in early 2018 on the road will leave the first pre-production samples of the future model.

Between the headlamps, a radiator grille, the car also features a special display which can display some information: messages to neighbors in traffic flow, advice to pedestrians, and the rates of Parking fees. And feed the screen will show the charging status of the batteries.

“EV Concept — this is not some vision of the distant future. The production version of this car will appear in Europe in 2019”
Honda President Takahiro Hachigo

In a fairly large, into a compact body, four-seater cabin is equipped with a huge display, which occupies not only the entire front panel, but smoothly flowing on door cards. At its center will receive the information necessary to the driver (power reserve, energy consumption, navigational charts), while on the door — the picture from the rear view cameras that replace traditional mirrors.

The first electric car based on the Honda Urban concept EV to be sold in Europe, will debut in the markets of the Old world in 2019 In global terms the Japanese are going, by 2025, to equip the motors of two-thirds of its model lineup.

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