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In Frankfurt, Audi will present the latest achievements in the field of Autonomous driving

Audi at the international motor show in Frankfurt to unveil two electric concept.

The names of new products not yet disclosed.
Concept level SAE 4 created on the basis of the cross-coupe e-tron Sportback, which is equipped with three electric motors with a total power of 503 HP Package of technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning and are United under the brand Audi AI, allows the vehicle to move independently along the highway at speeds up to 130 km/h and change lanes.
A key element of this system is the controller zFAS the next generation. The robotic concept connected to cloud services and is able to communicate with other members of the movement. Autopilot fifth level went to a car segment D. Powerplant innovations, including four motor, allows to overcome 700-800 km on a single charge. Because at the fifth level of autonomy driver intervention in the control process is not required, it is possible that the concept has no steering wheel and pedals.Also the exhibition will show two sports car from the Audi Sport sub-brand.

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