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In the state Duma proposed to punish “emergency gang”

With the initiative of the Deputy Vitaly Milonov, who made a proposal to the head of traffic police Michael czernikowo.Alexander Khlynov


Cyclists-offenders should be deprived of rights — the parliamentary stuffing

MP proposes to impose sanctions against drivers who abuse the emergency light alarm system. As pointed out by the MP, it provokes traffic jams: cars are parked in several rows, including the “emergency gang.” For the creation of congestion Milonov proposes to punish the promoters and cyclists.

As writes RIA “Novosti”, referring to the text of the appeal Milonova czernikowo, which is at the disposal of the Agency, the situation on the roads is complicated due to the increasing number of vehicles and also due to the development of various services.

“In major Russian cities has developed an unhealthy practice when motorists leave their cars on the roadway outside the places permitted Parking only to include the emergency stop signal. The machine standing on the “emergency gang”, parked in two, three, and even four row — reducing the bandwidth of the congested roads to a minimum. In other words, the owners are abusing the “hazard” and under the guise of a data light signal of the car, go about their business” — describes the situation the Deputy.

In addition, Milonov claims that anyone can block traffic with impunity: the musicians, promoters, members of car clubs, cyclists and bloggers.

“A similar case happened in Moscow recently, when an aspiring musician illegally blocked traffic on the garden ring for an hour for filming your clip. In this regard, I ask you to assess the possibility of imposing individual sanctions for perpetrators and the participants of the unauthorized reduction or limitation of traffic on the streets and highways of our country,” insists the Deputy.

  • The Deputy Vitaly Milonov Parking is not always fair and I was even involved in the scandal in the impound.

Photo: TASS

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