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Insurance in the new year: the accident by application and payment of 400,000

Last year completed the first phase of the reform of insurance. The shock came the autumn package of amendments (October-November), adding innovations to the system of registration of road accident. The expert found: 400 thousand rubles of insurance compensation according to the europrotocol — achievable or not?Sergei Zinoviev “Behind the wheel”

The law “On compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles” is one of the most volatile and changeable of Federal acts. Yesterday was, today that way… Since the launch of CTP in 2003 the law was changed countless times, not counting the annual correction of tariffs and coefficients.

From 1 October throughout Russia, the maximum insured amount under the europrotocol (registration of road accident without involvement of traffic police) in terms of compensation for damage caused to property of victims, is 400 thousand rubles. There are options and opportunities at registration of accidents is unavailable to motorists informed.

Designers gentlemen

Evroprotokol now available by phone — with the help of mobile applications “Helper insurance” and “accident. Evroprotokol” available on Google Play and App Store.

Developed by the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) applications work in conjunction with a Single portal of public services (EPGU). Accordingly, the driver-application user must be registered on the portal. And, of course, phone or tablet with Internet access.

Functions in “Helper”, ranging from remote purchase insurance policy to processing of notices of accidents. The app essentially replaces the paper form of notice of accident — the insurance company will get it in electronic form. But this version of “numbers” is only applicable in cases where drivers have no disagreement on the circumstances of the accident. But the application “of the accident. Evroprotokol” focused on the issue of an accident, and therefore can be used if there is a dispute about the circumstances of the accident.

Both apps are needed mainly for the fixation coordinate of the accident (that determines their phone), real time picture-taking circumstances and unadjusted automatic transmission this shooting in automatic information system (AIS CMTPL). However, the PCA emphasizes that the use of the application “of the accident. The European accident report” must be supported by a conventional paper notice. Completed forms, as before, should be submitted to the insurance company within five working days.

Fixing the exact coordinates of the accident (i.e., GPS or GLONASS), and the prompt sending a photo in AIS is an indispensable condition for the preservation of the chances for increased (up to 400 thousand rubles) insurance indemnity. Information about the accident should be referred to the AIS within 60 minutes from the time of the accident — not since the beginning of photography!

“Helper insurance” at the pilot stage of the project only works in the territories of the Republic of Tatarstan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Leningrad regions. FROM “THE ACCIDENT. Evroprotokol” — the same thing, but without the Tatarstan Republic.

Why is all this necessary

No need to run the application if:

  • the accident involved three or more vehicles;
  • one of the drivers has no insurance policy;
  • owner one vehicle — a legal entity.

There are specific restrictions for fixation and registration of notice of the accident via the app.

The law on CTP actually specifies only two cases where it makes sense to connect to the design of the application “of the accident. Evroprotokol”: when the drivers have a disagreement about the circumstances of the accident (in this case, the maximum insurance payment — 100 thousand rubles as before) or the desire to obtain compensation to 400 thousand rubles. (“Or” being the key word. So, if, according to estimates, the repair costs exceed 100 thousand and the second party of the accident is not an admission of guilt, you call the cops?)

And again. Using the application, you must consider the possibility of the camera phone and the light level — the quality of night photography is often not satisfied with the insurers. In addition to all the details of the accident is required to take a picture of the VIN. And please note that the app may refuse to work in a tunnel or underground Parking where your phone will not be able to determine its coordinates.

So the only potential benefit from the applications — saving time, but only in cases where certain conditions are met. The use of these applications until it looks confusing and redundant red tape, perhaps with the habit.

In addition, the first news from the fields, applications often fail under conditions, including at the initial stage of the launch due to violations of communication with SPPS. So in simple cases it is easier to fill out forms in difficult — to call the traffic police (although on accident without victims, the police goes very reluctantly and slowly).

The application is the next stage of transition to full self-service for drivers part of the insurance. And it began, as usual, with confusion — why had implemented two applications, largely duplicating each other?

What is 400 thousand

Where did this amount, is quite difficult to understand. For owners a Grant of this strip is practically unattainable, because it is the price of the new Grants (well, slightly less). A typical body repair and cars in the budget segment with the replacement of bumpers, fenders, doors, headlights and suspension components — perfectly fits 100 thousand. To assume that would be more naive.

But, say, “five” BMW or Range Rover can damage to the larger amount even in small urban accidents in which the drivers will not have disagreements. That is, the limit of 400 thousand intended primarily for owners of a more or less new expensive cars. Thus drivers of cars from different price niches pay for the insurance policy are almost the same amount. This is the justice that I want to put in the forefront in the reform of the insurance?

But the saddest thing is that in the whirlwind of amendments forgotten that initially, the insurance is designed to protect you from the bases. Today, the bases come largely from another source — the courts are littered with claims for damages received in an accident.

What to expect in the near future

According to the plans of the reformers CTP in 2020, we can expect a number of innovations.

  • The extension of the tariff corridor: base price policy for drivers of category b is within the boundaries of the approximately 1,200 to 9,000 rubles (now 2700-4900 rubles) at the option of the insurance company.
  • The abolition of the territorial factor (maybe) and power factor when calculating the rate on the insurance policy (from 1 October 2020). Instead, they will have a new factor that takes into account the number of recorded traffic violations committed by a particular driver.
  • Introduction of in vehicle electronic devices that allow to remotely control the manner of driving (telematics) on a voluntary basis, but those who refuse, will increase the cost of the policy. Neat (according to device) drivers in the future will receive higher discounts. But what if the car is driving a few people? Apparently, the course will “average” the data.
  • The increase in tariffs for the insurance policy in the range of 20-25 % — this forecast gives the Central Bank if the developers of the reform of the insurance will raise the payout limit for injuries caused to other road users, up to 2 million rubles.

The fine for driving with no insurance policy, you may increase it up to the current average cost 5400 rubles. The proposal comes from the state Duma.


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