IVECO out in Ukraine in the premium bus segment

“IVECO Ukraine” begins deliveries to Ukraine travel liner premium class. The first IVECO bus Magelys Pro was presented today at the dealership AMACO. This bus has managed to get the title of “Coach of the Year 2016” in Europe and similar travel soccer team “Juventus” and “Eintracht Frankfurt”.The first in Ukraine IVECO Magelys Pro is a 12.5-metre liner French production. It is equipped with a 400-horsepower engine Cursor 9 Euro 6, ZF manual transmission and has a Seating capacity 49+2. To distinguish on the streets Magelys Pro “silver smile” on the front of the body – this design element is characteristic for all IVECO.

In accordance with the European standards, the bus is equipped with adaptive cruise control, emergency braking system, a tracking system behind a marking, a control system and emergency sprinkler. The Luggage compartment of 9.5 m3 (with sleeping place for the driver to 5.7 m3), allows you to place all the passengers ‘ Luggage.

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Unpack the salon is also consistent with the status of the bus. There is a fridge, coffee maker, water filter, toilet, audio and video. Additionally, it may be ordered also mini kitchen and bar.

All seats have an excellent profile and adjustable backrest, and the inner else and move on width.

IVECO Magelys Pro received the highest award in the European competition and the ergonomics of the driver’s seat. Here everything is at hand, and everything is automated. And electric heating is even on the side of the window. In addition, rewarding Magelys Pro the title of “Coach of the Year 2016”, the experts said, and good illumination of the interior, as well as broad multimedia capabilities, including the availability of access points to the Internet.

In addition, IVECO Magelys Pro will delight and moderate fuel consumption. The dealership AMACO liner came his way, driving over 1000 km, on-Board computer average consumption was recorded at the level of 24.3 l / 100 km.

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IVECO is one of the leaders in the segment of large buses in Europe. In 2013, this brand sells and ships Irisbus, which includes bus factories in Italy, France and the Czech Republic. By the way, known to us previously by the Czech Karosa buses – now also release liners Crossway only under the IVECO brand.

“IVECO Ukraine” will begin its presence in the Ukrainian segment of buses with premium. The “ruler” of IVECO Magelys Pro is available with a length of 12.3, 12.8 and 13.8 m with a capacity from 49 to 61 passengers. Buyers of such liners is not only sports teams and travel companies, but carriers operating on long-haul flights to Europe. The cost of IVECO Magelys Pro – 300-500 thousand euros depending on performance.

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