KIA Proceed Concept. Extravagant and beautiful

Tothe nodes of new items, which the creators call stretched hot hatchback”, attracts the attention of muscular forms, the lack of Central pillars, a glass roof with decorative shark fin the shark fin, and 20-inch wheels with a pattern in the form of six-rayed star. This is probably one of the most beautiful cars presented at the auto show.

The concept has received a unique color Lava Red: a combination of a total of 19 hand-painted layers of paint in black, silver paint with chrome effect and the red tint of the varnish.

Inheriting the spirit of sport the modern models of the pro_cee’d, a concept of Proceed Concept was extended hatchback, which embodied the power and dynamics. It is the expression of our emotions and passion for fast cars

The interior took about 100 m elastane, and the front panel is not only a digital clean-up, monitor, multimedia system keys and management of additional functions, but also a shelf containing three bottles of aromatic liquids.

This unit is referred to as a “memory Bank”: the aromas in bottles should, according to the creators, to evoke any lover of sports driving the most pleasant memories and associations. They contain, according to Koreans, “the warm musky smell of old leather, buttery flavor of the garage, which is a classic car and the smell of high-octane sports fuel.”

About the power plant, transmission and other aggregates KIA Proceed has not reported. But it does not matter. Developed under the leadership of chief designer of the European centre for Korean brand Gregory Guillaume, the concept provides a visual representation about prospects of development of the eponymous serial collection.

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