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Kia Seltos has been tested on the ground in Russia. And was demolished

Crossover experienced in different ways, different speeds and under different loads.Elena Alekseeva

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Kia Seltos — the first test drive of the future hit!

Compact crossover Kia Seltos promise to provide this year, and while the Korean company stirs interest and gives information about it in small portions.

The car was developed taking into account requirements of the Russian market. Before launching in Russia, the Koreans have conducted special tests with the support of experts, WE reproduced different operating conditions, to understand how the car is suitable for Russian roads.

The crossover went through more than 50 000 km in four months of operation in harsh conditions, which as highlighted in the video, equivalent to 150,000 miles in normal use. It was tested on a high-speed, urban, regional, and dirt roads, were tested for corrosion resistance in the chamber with salt fog and sudden changes in temperature, simulated different regimes of the environment.

After the necessary “torment” crossover completely dismantled to the experts evaluated the safety and reliability of components and parts, as well as to eliminate deficiencies prior to the start of production in Russia.

In comments to the video users report that Kia Seltos could become the Russian bestseller, the only question is price. If the “minimal” it will cost above a million, then the chance he has.

  • Sell Celtos plan in the first quarter of 2020, is known, only the price of the top configuration.

Video: YouTube

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