Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Adept mage

Inthis their 1600 – new parts, which brought the S-Class facelift. I won’t name all the names, focus on the most important. And let’s start with the chain of command, which finally became obvious.

Just take a look at the S-Class in the “eye”, and immediately understand who’s in charge here Mercedes. The updated model masterfully places led dash over “d”: S-Class now with three strips of running lights from the E-Class – two at C-Class – one. I am in awe of this brilliant simplicity.

“Yes, my General! Of course, my General!” – now in the ranks of the Mercedes don’t get confused. S-Class – three led strips,E-Class – two at C-Class – one.

New lights “Eski” not only the status of look, but also promise a very bright path. And need eyes like an eagle to see anything there, which now can reach the rays of the beam – brightness falls below 1 Lux only 650 m! Senior Mercedes can include it automatically already with a speed of 40 km/hour, not forgetting to take into account the traffic situation: get in the way of passing or oncoming car, it will be neatly carved out of the spot light.

If the lights say that before you – the updated S-Class, the grille helps to understand what motivates them. Models with 6-and 8-cylinder engines received a grille with double slats and a vertical strap in black. But if under the hood is a V12 engine, it will manifest itself chrome vertical slats.

Form of stripes in the lamps has not changed. But now they are not contoured, and the whole filled with a scattering of led “diamonds.” The exhaust pipes have the updated S-Class to pass through the bumper.

The lights also look refreshed. Led strips are now solid and not contoured. Both bumper and, of course, are new: front got expressive side air intakes, rear penetrated by the exhaust pipes.

The interior has changed in detail, but in those which are the most important and the most important thing. The dashboard is now made up of two “TVs” a diagonal of 12.3 inches each, the prisoners under a single glass, and the steering wheel became transpecies. Added control buttons including hit and touch Control that responds to moving the fingers. We have already talked about them in the test E-Class All Terrain (ZR, 2017, No. 2). And then the button appeared to be comfortable and now: the cursor under their control quick, but not fussy, so flipping the side menu is useful even in motion.

If a word, space! Especially in the dark. You can put color accents on different parts of the salon or to link the lighting with the work of the different systems. For example, with climate control: if you increase the temperature on the contour of the console lights up red, when you decrease blue.
64 color! Will have to work hard to paint the interior to your taste. Select key Dynamic driving modes – at the console on the left, closer to the driver. The quality of the materials, and the execution of the cabin is excellent. Key with a picture of the machine controls the system Energizing. Under the cap place wrench and a couple of Cup holders. Offering rear passengers – stand phone with wireless charging. Coasters for VIPs can be heated or cooled. In the first case glow red, the second blue.

To bribe feelings

The assertion that men love only with their eyes, and women ears, is not tenable. Unless, of course, it’s not about party “for those over 80,” with a sighted deaf ladies and gentlemen. The updated car seems to agree with me and ready to fall in love with several receptors: visual, tactile, auditory. Except for the taste S-Class is until you try it.

Because many of the receptors, and the S-Class one, it was got specially trained assistant in charge of comfort. The name of the virtual servants sounds
batereanu rollicking- Energizing. However, he was ready not only to cheer up
beating drums hares, but also relax his wealthy patron.
More specifically, to bring to life. What, the patron decides, activating one of the six preset programs: Freshness, Warmth, Energy, Joy, Warmth and Exercise. For each of your massage and climate control (including heated or ventilated seats), carefully curated feel to the sound to light from a diode backlighting. As many as 64 color, for a moment!

And depending on the program selected the S-Class itself will pick up the music, focusing on its rhythm. Initially, the on-Board system founded by one melody. But if the driver is connected to a multimedia network, for example, a phone with a set of favorite songs, the car and rummage in it, choosing the most suitable melody.

For all VIP from the possibility to move the front passenger seat 77 mm forward before turning right rear seat into a full bed.

Interestingly, the Training program is able to relax the muscles, tone them and even – just imagine! – choose a balance between the two States. Perhaps not every doctor will feel for this balance, but the flagship Mercedes claims that he can do it. He was ready to argue on this subject I? Nothing. Each program lasts 10 minutes, and then, the test of need from the hour to hour and a half, with additional Training opportunities. Continue a test-drive at least a couple of days, tried everything.But it is only assigned day and time. And since that day I had to get up at 6 am, my choice is obvious: Energy.

Displays back also do not like to touch: to control on-Board systems passengers have the remote.

A couple of keystrokes, and from somewhere in the bowels of the chair to stretch my back by invisible hands signature massage, begin to knead, to press, to press… From the speakers sounds “Feelin’ God” trendy Leon Riskin – the exact composition of the S-Class uses the default in this program. Surprisingly, she managed to Wake me up!

Again to doze off will not give the 612-strong “eight” Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+, which we have just escaped the operating room country roads. In the city he’s bored, it’s the most dynamic S-Class in the lineup!

Amg energy

Formally, S 63 in the rankings, Mercedes-AMG not the oldest – there are still S 65. But it is the “sixty-third” after the facelift looks especially attractive.

Its four-liter motor, combined with a 9-speed automatic transmission AMG Speedshift MCT, more powerful than the previous 5.5-liter (!) 27 HP – 612 HP now Is only 18 horses less than the 6-litre V12 Mercedes-AMG S 65. Is that the level of torque the than 1000 Nm. Beautiful figure! But the drive S 65 left rear automatic 7-speed, and a curb weight of S 65 of nearly 2 per hundredweight higher than the S 63, so that the loss in accelerating the dynamics (4.3 and 3.5 seconds up to a hundred, respectively) is quite understandable. And appetite twelve pots, again, not reset from the accounts.

A four-liter motor c 63’s twin-turbo Twin-Scroll is able to do four cylinders by turning off the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 8th. It happens imperceptibly, but only in the Comfort mode and when 1000-3250 rpm Despite these reservations, the claimed flow rate is less than ten liters per hundred in the combined cycle – or rather, 8,9 L. Wind, of course, must be associated.

Most updated
The S-Class was surprised by the three-liter inline gasoline engine. Clearly worthy of a place under the hood of the model with the nameplate
S 500!

Another interesting detail about the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+, but compared to 560 S 4MATIC is equipped with a 469-horsepower engine exactly the same amount. So, S 63 55 kg lighter than its “civilian” counterpart. Relieved not only the wheel, but the brake discs (carbon-ceramics), as well as the AMG Speedshift MCT box (replacing the torque Converter to the clutch pack of the “wet” type). Installing the lithium-ion battery instead of traditional, save 20 kg of weight by running niche for a spare carbon fiber – 4 kg.

The “plus” in the name of the all-wheel drive system means more opportunities for the distribution of torque of the AMG machine. In contrast to “just” 4MATIC system AMG Performance 4MATIC+ received a separate electro-mechanical clutch, allowing for the need to send back up to 100% of the thrust.

In General, the S 63 you can “turn gas” and not much to worry about too much – in which case, a portion of the torque will be immediately transferred to
front axle. Of course, each of the four wheels by selective braking will get accurately weighed portion of the thrust.

So in addition to mind-blowing like a two-ton limousine acceleration in 3.5 seconds on a straight (Race Start function), this four-wheel drive AMG-mobility on the basis of S-Class demonstrates fighting spirit in the corners. Their Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ can walk so gracefully, to what degree can you expect from such a major specialist in the luxury. Impact the new front suspension kinematics: increased camber angles of the wheels, reinforced stabilizer, installed a more rigid support for the rear subframe.

This is a car for those who are dearer to the driver’s seat back. But there is only one-third of the total number of customers the S-Class in Ukraine. Most owners can not refuse the temptation of the second row offering is a very important person a few options of personal comfort – the opportunity to increase the legroom by sliding the front passenger seat 77 mm forward before turning right rear seat into a full bed.

Six in a row

Magic Body Control has received a new mode Curve, as the coupe S-Class. Now when cornering the body leans to 2.65 degrees inside of the turn for added convenience to its passengers

With a three-liter motors S-Class diesel and petrol, was a real revolution: both are now inline. Return to the long forgotten (petrol inline-trehlitrovoy M 104 discontinued over twenty years ago) happened in the name of ecology. Six cylinders, stretched out in a line, allowed to attach on the sides of the engine catalytic converters – they are now faster warm up to operating temperature.

The force motors are not lost, even acquired. Three-liter turbodiesel OM 656 is available in two versions S 350 d (286 HP, 600 Nm) and S 400 d (340 HP, 700 Nm). This aluminum motor – steel pistons, a special form of the combustion chamber in the form of “speed bowl”, the NANOSLIDE coating (plasma spray of iron) on the mirrors of cylinders and two-stage boost that is implemented by two turbochargers of different sizes. And yet – for the first time! – adjustment system CAMTRONIC valve timing.

Motor M256, the most progressive, very cheerful. Without a single belt, but with two electric helpers. And it high to be safe from the machinations of the ecologists: in addition to the converters, the power unit is received and a diesel particulate filter.

The engine promises 7% fuel economy: the developers say six and a half liters in the city. And its smooth, powerful acceleration S400 d wins from the first kilometers.

But if you want to really be surprised, try new petrol trehlitrovoy M 256 versions of S 450 (367 HP, 500 Nm) or the S 500 (435 HP, 520 Nm). She is able to shut down… even while driving!

In the Comfort mode, the tachometer needle drops instantly to zero when removed
foot off the accelerator. Your restless sleep motor allows you to stop the pedal
the brake or gas. Just touch the accelerator and instantly feel
acceleration, like the engine and didn’t sleep. He could work and internal “alarm clock” – if the S-Class, for example, will find ahead of any hindrance to his movement. And when starting off S 500 for its agility in General, similar to electric car. And the comparison is not groundless.

Starter-generator ISG helps the engine at start and allows you to relax while in motion.

“Between the engine and transmission mounted starter-alternator is essentially an electric motor that allows you to start to obtain a torque of 250 Nm. M 256 also equipped with an electric turbocharger, which almost instantly spins up to 70,000 rpm will need help mostly up to 3,000 rpm, and then the initiative passes to the main turbine. The motor can develop half the maximum thrust for literally a third of a second, and to reach a maximum of just two!” – reveals the secrets of the new engine the engineer Henry Gmelin, is responsible for military program updated S-Class.

EzV turbocharger with electric motor instantly spins up to 70,000 rpm.

It is not surprising that the S 500 accelerates to a hundred in 4.8 seconds. Passport the consumption of gasoline trehlitrovoy – 9 liters in the city. Country at all funny: a 5.3-5.7 l, depending on the size of wheelbase.

The compressor will need the same 48 In that the starter-generator. Therefore, the S 450 and S 500 are two networks of 12 and 48 V, plus an additional Li-ion battery. And no timing belt: coolant pump and air conditioning compressor are also electric.

Upgrade driver

What else to dream of being able to buy such a car? Is that about the possibility to buy it together with the driver, and that two times not to run. … Mercedes, where’s the autopilot?

“We will ask legislators and insurance companies! – parries Alexander Shaab, responsible for the development of electronic assistants. They are not yet ready to recognize artificial intelligence equal participant in traffic. Therefore, the S-Class still requires the driver to hold the wheel is not yet partial containment A3. But not A2, because the driver assistance rose to a new level. We call it A3 ready”.

What is ready driver assistants in the updated S-Class? If we talk about course management, everything except the intersections and very sharp turns – here a car person until assistant.
And remove hands from the steering wheel he really does not permit. The worst offenders of this rule punishes Mercedes automatic stop, resorted to after several warnings.

The autopilot is trained in almost everything, except the passage of sharp turns and intersections.

However, the autopilot is able to complete the detour of suddenly arisen obstacles initiated by the driver. For him – just jerk the steering to the side and return to your lane takes on electronics. And Parking she handles herself, without the help of man, and the rebuild of the lanes have already mastered.

With speed control, no problem at all. The S-Class now takes into account not only the requirements of road signs, but also the topography. Connection with navigation, which have established complex systems of Intelligent Drive allows the car to choose the cornering speed and automatically slow down when approaching the intersection. Not to mention the ability to follow the rider in front of a car, accelerating and braking up to a full stop. Moreover, the inhibition takes place in two phases: first, intense deceleration, then the S-Class a little pripuskaet brake and gently zatormazhivat.

So the newest version of the Intelligent Drive system means that passengers from nod and slip on the chairs. Therein lies the tremendous benefit of the driver assistants for those who are not behind the wheel. Comfort in the S-Class still the king, but otherwise can not be, because the car has long been synonymous with this concept.

We thank the company “Avtokapital” for assistance in organizing a test drive.

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