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New turbo for Renault Arkana: what is it with reliability

Engine TCE‑150 has virtually no turboyamy and is not afraid of 92‑octane gasoline.Michael gsovski “Behind the wheel”

A time when “the volume had the value” is gone forever. To judge the engine’s displacement is meaningless, because modern turbo engine put archaic atmosferici on the blades on the main articles — the specific power and torque.

At the dawn of the development of turbine technologies supercharged engines were expensive, gluttonous and capricious. Something for the cherished seconds to put up Motorsport, could not afford the average consumer, and automakers unreliable mass technique was useless.

In our days the priority for the environment, and weaknesses of a turbo engine (low resource turbines, less heat, demands on quality of fuel and oil) designers almost won.

The decision by Renault to gradually replace the massive two-liter unit F4R, familiar to us from the Duster and Capture, supercharged motor TSE‑150 with a volume of 1.33 liters seems logical — even despite the fact that we are afraid of the turbo engine. This 150‑horsepower engine — the fruit of joint development of Renault and Daimler. The French developed the block and connecting rod and piston group (experience of constructing small motors, they do not occupy), and the Germans were responsible for the process of combustion of fuel — in fact, designed the cylinder head.

Compact and lightweight triangular the head of the block of cylinders (in cross-section it is really close to the triangle), direct injection under pressure of 250 bar with a precise dosage of the fuel and optimizing the combustion process is a technology of Daimler. The lower part of the motor — crankcase, crankshaft-mounted assemblies, aluminum block with plasma sprayed ultra-fine layer of steel that provides higher than cast-iron liners, thermal conductivity and low friction losses – the area of responsibility of Renault.

The ligaments of the turbo engine with a CVT Renault have not done before. The difficulty was to “marry” two units with nonlinear characteristics, to achieve good dynamics and responsiveness with moderate fuel consumption.

СVT8 XTronic CVT (Jatco JF016E) imported from Mexico. It is reconfigured to an extended range of gear ratios: the first virtual transmission shorter than usual, last longer.

The turbo a lot of traction on the bottoms, and then she dies. Another “linearity” — the CVT that is configured to simulate the transition from one to the other quasistate. Puzzle piled together French and Romanian engineers. To drive the turbo engine in the high revs did not, and configured for optimal performance within the shelves of torque from 1700 to 3400 rpm.

How to eliminate the effect of turbo pint? Renault uses a turbocharger with electronically controlled wastegate valve, which is electrical (and not the more common pneumatic) actuator. Valve bleeds excess pressure faster and more accurately and not only smooths out the effect of turboyamy, but also provides a fast response of the engine, reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Motors TSE‑150 release in Spain. In Russia, they are imported without a particulate filter adapted to gasoline AI‑92 and meets the standards Euro‑5.

The problem of heat transfer and, consequently, slow warming up of the engine (and cabin) has decided to install integrated exhaust manifold with cooling channels. Another interesting site of TSE‑150 — oil pump of variable productivity, which is achieved by mechanical means: use the centrifugal force acting on the blades of the pump, which allows to optimize the pressure and volume of pumped oil depending on engine speed. The use of variable displacement pump saves 1% of fuel (ceteris paribus).

A question that seriously bothers the drivers is reliability. Representatives of Renault assure that the European experience has shown that resource of turbo TSE‑150 is comparable to the two-litre atmosfernika resource. We do have to check on Russian gasoline and our climate. A lot of bold: the share of turbulence accounts for about 50% of all sales Arcana.

Alpine A110 Group 5Alpine A110 Group 5

Renault turbotime not new: the principle of air injection — in fact, the forerunner of the turbo — invented by Louis Renault in 1902 he filed a patent on “raising the gas pressure at the inlet to the cylinders by means of a compact fan or compressor”. It took 70 years before the technology is implemented in metal.

On motors Renault turbocharger first appeared in 1972 on racing coupe Alpine A110 Group 5. The result exceeded expectations: in the same year, Jean-Luc thériault won on the car with this motor race is the Criterium de Cevennes. Then there were many victories — including the “Le Mans” and Formula 1.

In Europe, the motor of the TSE‑150 put on Megane Renault, Kadjar, Koleos and Talisman, the Nissan Qashqai and X‑Trail and the Mercedes A‑ and B‑class and CLA. Us TCE‑150 is interesting not only because of the Arcana, next year it will start to put on Kaptur and other models. The plans provide for the localization of production of engine TCe‑150 in Russia.

Nominated Grand Prix “at the wheel” 2020

We allow to participate in the Grand Prix “at the wheel” 2020 only brand new car — introduced in 2019 for the first time or successor generation. Restyling or updates to the engine range doesn’t count.

Renault Arkana is one of the novelties. But best if she’s in your class, you decide. We value your opinion!

Voting has already begun. Among those who voted readers we are giving away three cars Lada Vesta.

Official page of Grand Prix “at the wheel” 2020 is available at this link.

  • The General partner of the Grand Prix “za rulem” company Cordiant.
  • The winners of the Grand Prix “at the wheel” 2019 can be found here.
  • About who got played in this year’s cars, click here.

New turbo for Renault Arkana: what is it with reliability

Engine TCE‑150 has virtually no turboyamy and is not afraid of 92‑octane gasoline.

New turbo for Renault Arkana: what is it with reliability

  • By the way, Arkana Renault with the turbo engine TCE‑150 is in Park “Behind the wheel”. On the odometer, the cross-coupe is only 11 000 km, and there was no damage. But some questions to the new has already appeared.
  • Extend the life of components and assemblies of the car by using special additives. Best proven products SUPROTEC and VALENA.

Photo: Renaultthe New Renault turbo engine for Arkana: what is it with reliability

Engine TCE‑150 has virtually no turboyamy and is not afraid of 92‑octane gasoline.

New turbo for Renault Arkana: what is it with reliability

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