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Oise, which you’ve never seen

In the Museum of the Ulyanovsk plant — many unique designs. Some of them have not heard even evroistorii.Yuriy Timkin “Behind the wheel”

The first cars emerged from the walls of the Ulyanovsk automobile plant, steel ZIS 5V — famous three-ton. This truck was one of the main vehicles of the Soviet army in the great Patriotic war. Produced from 1942 to 1944. There were produced a little more than 10 thousand copies.


A truck GAZ AA, popularly known as lorry, was produced in Ulyanovsk between 1947 and 1951. Was designed to carry 1,500 kg of cargo. Lorry is the most popular Soviet car of the middle of the last century.

Truck GAZ AA GAZ Agronomic

You will be surprised, but the GAZ-69, manufactured from 1954 to 1972, was considered in those years passenger luxury car. The interior could accommodate up to eight people.


Sanitary UAZ-450A descended from the conveyor from 1958 to 1965. For the rounded shape of this “UAZ” received the nickname “the pill.” Due to the layout of the features of the gear lever was located behind the partition, causing the driver to switch you had to pull your hand back.


UAZ-469Б went off the Assembly line from 1972 to 1985. Was a civilian version of the military jeep 469, an important distinguishing feature of which was the lack of reduction gears in the axles. Produced exclusively with tent roof.


Amphibious vehicle UAZ-3907 Jaguar was created based on the model 469. The body had its own — with two doors. Under the floor were installed two screws, allows you to swim at a speed of 9 km/h But serial production of the car has not begun — the decaying Soviet Union it was not before.

Amphibious vehicle UAZ-3907 Guarantour amphibious UAZ-3907 Jaguar

Another unrealised project was the UAZ-3172. This car was supposed to come to replace the outdated 469 mu. Produced from “UAZ” he was distinguished by increased permeability, which provide front and rear locking cross-axle differentials and inter-axle. Ground clearance was 325 mm. The car successfully passed the state tests, but in 1993, the economic condition of the plant is not allowed to start serial production.


UAZ-3172-01 — this is a civilian version promising a “Rover”. For this version I planned an all-metal body and a more modest ground clearance — 220 mm. But not developed.


As with the new models has not worked, in Ulyanovsk decided to upgrade the existing ones. The result is a 3153 — a lengthened version of the famous “goat”. Was produced from 1997 to 2007.


UAZ-3159 bars went out of his overcoat 3153. Unlike the original, in his possession were geared bridges (they provide ground clearance 300 mm), a wider track, a more modern interior and some other improvements. Years of production: 1998-2006.

UAZ-3159 of Barsaat-3159 bars

Another offspring of the goat was the experimental 2315 pickup truck manufactured in 1996. In the series, he also did not go.

Experimental pickup UAZ-2315Экспериментальный pickup UAZ-2315

Even more rare modifications Oise see on the next page.

Oise, which you’ve never seen

In the Museum of the Ulyanovsk plant — many unique designs. Some of them have not heard even evroistorii.

Oise, which you’ve never seen


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