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One in the pond, the other in a tree: the result of street racing because of the girl

For both young men all end badly, but it could be worse.Elena Alekseeva

24-year-old Bradley Kitching was driving his Mini Cooper when he noticed 27-year-old John Carey on the Vauxhall Astra VXR, which is kind of like was flirting with his girlfriend. The guy went ballistic, chased the alleged opponent and chased him through the streets of York (England) at speeds of 80-100 mph (129-160 km/h) before he lost control of the car and together they dived into a large garden pond, reports the Daily Mail. The jealous man was not injured, but two passengers of his car during a chase suffered serious injuries, including several broken bones.

Cary continued to move at a high speed, not noticing the accident Kitching, and flew into a tree. As a result of blow the car broke out and burned, however, the driver managed to get out of it.

At the meeting of York of the Royal court on 20 December 2019 Carey was found not guilty of dangerous driving as he was fleeing from persecution, but he confessed that he made a false statement at the time of registration of the insurance on the car. He lied to insurance company about driver and car tuning to reduce the amount of the award. For fraud with the insurance he was sentenced to 12 months probation.

Kitching pleaded guilty to dangerous driving which resulted in serious injury. He was sentenced to nine months imprisonment and disqualified from driving for 16 months.

Judge Sean Morris after the verdict said that Kicking would be punished even more severe if someone is seriously injured in the incident. Then he could face up to eight to ten years in prison.

Sergeant mark Patterson of the Major investigation team North Yorkshire police, said about this: “Bradley Kitching for some reason decided that York road is a racetrack for the resolution of small dispute with a competitor. A miracle that no one died as a result of one of two collisions.”

About who in the end chose a girl and was actually flirting, not reported.

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