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Proven: fly on a bad road — work pillow

If you are worried about what driving over potholes will kill the suspension, here’s a video about a new danger.Alexander Khlynov


If you don’t slow down “speed bump”, the pillows work? Experiment

To find out whether the pothole actually deploy the airbag or cause other damage to the vehicle, the channel of Warped Perception went to the Mercedes-Benz E-class one of the most dead of the streets in Chicago, where he conducted a series of tests.

The tests realized the leading Russian truth: more gas, less bumps. Indeed, driving at high speeds makes attacks weaker, if the dent is not too large: the wheel just flies over her, lightly bumping against the far edge.

During the third test at the speed of 62 km/h in the car revealed the side curtain airbags. In addition, damaged left hinge front left wheel.

The equipment has shown that airbags work without the participation of the crash sensors. The strangest thing for testers was that worked the cushion on the right side of the vehicle, while the car went over bumps the left wheels.

The conclusion of a test, you can do the following (and very unexpected!): drive over bumps is still not worth it for a big problem, enough of one overgrown pit. In addition, tires can not withstand and exploded into mush flip the car. Well, the airbags deploy sometimes for unknown algorithm.

  • I received the offer to refuse from underground pedestrian crossings and to use only ground, with speed bumps in front of them, after all a city for people.

Photo: Youtube

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