Race the Tesla went to the first tests

Ethe first serious stage of preparation of the electric vehicle to the new Electric GT Series championship, which will begin next year — the first in the world sports series for electric vehicles with closed wheels. The prototype is in the colors of the team SPV Racing.

Racing electric car built on the basis of the production model Tesla P1DL, the capacity of which was increased to 778 HP and torque up to 995 Nm. Thanks to the boost of the power plant, and also serious weight saving of 500 kg, the car accelerates to the first “hundred” in just 2.2 seconds.

In addition, the sedan version EPCS V2.3 (Electric Production Car Series) got racing tires Pirelli P Zero, Alcon racing brakes, modified suspension and improved aerodynamics due to the front splitter and rear wing and other improvements.

Test race of the new Electric GT championship with the participation of Tesla electric cars will be held in November this year, while the first full season will begin next year — the competition will be held in Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Portugal. The race will consist of 20-minute training session, 60-minute qualifying, 60-kilometer race day and 60-kilometer race in the twilight.

The new series will act as support races for the championship of electroblade open wheel Formula E.

The twin-engined Tesla Model 3: 3.5 seconds to hundreds

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