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Review 19 thousand BMW: more information “tired”

Restraint Isofix bracket can be destroyed.Elena Alekseeva


Service campaign: who benefits?

Rosstandart informs of revocation 19 087 BMW cars models BX6 (series F16) and X6M (F86 series). VIN codes subject to the recall of cars can be found on the Agency’s website in the section “Documents”. Using child seats with mounting “ISOFIX” and additional posts on the bottom of the car could lead to fatigue failure of the retaining brackets mounts. If the bracket is broken, the attachment of the child seat with Isоfix impossible.

Owners subject to the recall of cars will warn about the need to call on the services of the official dealer for a free repair work.

“On vehicles is performed on the intermediate insert for retaining the clip in Position”, the message says Rosstandart.

The owners can and do match the VIN codes of the vehicles with revocable list or use the interactive search ( to understand whether their vehicle is under recall.

Learn about revocable program is now possible on the website where there is a special service. Information for it provides Rosstandart, so it is quite relevant.

  • In November in the Russian market withdrew crossovers BMW X3 and X4 because of problems turning the supports.


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