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Short memory test: what was kept in the trunk of a Victory

A list of tools and other “Goodies” that came with the cars to Win, now seems huge.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

Here are just a few positions from fifty (!) driver Victory things:

  • Bank with polishing water
  • bench chisel
  • the emphasis for the wheels
  • locksmith piercer
  • screwdriver tube longitudinal tie rod and screw disc brake drum
  • lever-piston grease gun Assembly.

And all this wasn’t for the workshops and for the owners! The implication was that any of them is that it was set to do. This is understandable: after all, smartphones to call a tow truck, then it was not.

Unusual facts from the history of technology Michael Kolodochkin collecting for many years. For example, did you know that this Victory is a catch-up?

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  • The full story of the Victory here.

Photo: from archive of the author

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