Showed Smart city car of the future

Company Smart introduced at the Frankfurt motor show concept car Vision Fortwo EQ.

Smart Fortwo Vision EQ – unmanned vehicle which will receive the Autonomous control system “fifth level”. According to the classification of the Community of automotive engineers (SAE), such vehicles can move fully autonomously and do not require human intervention to manage.
The new product, there are no physical controls. In the car, everything is configured using a smartphone or voice commands.
Big screen in the nose of the car welcomes the approaching of the user or “talks” to pedestrians. Lights are also led displays and can change your look by adding a channel of nonverbal communication.
The door of the car covered with plastic, which should also display information to others. It can be weather, news or just a big clock.

Length overall Vision Fortwo 2 EQ is 699 mm and width 1 720 mm and height 1 535 mm.
Compact car equipped with an electric motor on the rear axle and lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 30 kilowatt-hours, which is enough to travel without recharging of about 300 km.
When low battery, in the absence of passengers, the machine will go to the charging station, where recharges will also be done offline and without wires using an induction system.
Smart suggests that sitecare the future will be involved in extensive car-sharing, when the car for rent no need to search the car itself will come to the customer.

Showed Smart city car of the future

12 Sep, 12:24

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