Shuliavska bridge in Kiev close to 1.5 years

Nand the moment is transferred engineering networks, setting up the bridge to the partial overlap. All sellers, trading under the overpass, she asked, “with things to exit”. Their stalls this week will be demolished. Disappeared and spontaneous Parking under the affected area of the bridge.
It will look like shuliavska bridge after reconstruction

“In the near future will bring partial changes in traffic organisation, and then, as planned, will be a partial restriction, Deputy head of the KSCA Dmitry Davtyan. – The deadline was postponed, but now the bridge is working professionals. The main utilities there is a lot”.

According to expert report GP “ukrgosstroyekspertiza”, works on reconstruction will last 17.5 months. The cost of the reconstruction is 830 100 000 hryvnia. Funding is planned to run over budget. Interchange near the metro station “Shulyavska” after the demolition of shop building No. 5 plant “Bolshevik” will be built as a partial cloverleaf.

Below the photo a scheme of a detour during the reconstruction.

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