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Speed demon Challenger 2 sold under the hammer

This “rocket” in 2018 was set a speed record for vehicles with naturally aspirated internal combustion engines — 722,2 km/h.Alexander Khlynov


Tractor-“Scorcher” set a world record

Challenger 2 Streamliner 1968 auctioned this Saturday, January 11, 2020. The car not only set the speed record on 12 August 2018. He’s behind the wheel arches two unsuccessful attempts to establish a record and large-scale reconstruction, which made the car the fastest in the world, which he demonstrated in the salt plains of Bonneville. According to various estimates, the Challenger 2 Streamliner can be sold for the sum from 900 thousand to $ 1.5 million (55-92 million rubles).

A 10 meter-long vehicle has an interesting history. It was designed by a racer Mickey Thompson, with financial and technical support of the team Ford GT40 Mark IV Le Mans. The car was to replace the outdated four-engine Challenger, which could be dispersed in the Bonneville to speed 654 km/h in 1960.

To set the speed record in 1968 on the Challenger 2 Streamliner failed due to rains and floods. Later Thompson and his wife were killed in front of his own house in California.

Son Thompson, Danny Thompson, remembered about the car to the 50th anniversary of the launch of Challenger I and began its restoration, which lasted 8 years. He replaced the old Ford 427 engines for a couple of Hemi V8 engines, which run on a mixture of nitromethane (87%) and methanol (13%). Their total capacity is from 1800 to 5000 HP

The car retained the original suspension with ultra-fast absorbers, designed the Cart, Kraft and aluminum wheels, with special tires. Challenger 2 has a carbon-ceramic disc brakes and double chute, new engine mounts and a sprinkler system. Finally, the aluminum shell was dealt a new layer of blue paint.

What would be amazing was no machine, it’s hard to imagine who might need it. Potential clients can be either obscenely rich, or some crazy speed demon who wants to break the record.

  • The female pilot was able to accelerate up to speed 856 km/h. When establishing this record of Jesse Combs died.

Photo: YouTube

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