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Stronger than metal: a young woman survived a terrible disaster

It seems that in the accident, captured on video, simply can not survive. From the car there was some debris, but the driver, though, and is in critical condition, still alive.

In social networks discuss the video, which depicted how the powerful Audi TT collided with an unknown object flew into the air before he crashed into a brick wall and overturned. The scene of the disaster that took place in Johannesburg (South Africa), was recorded by a surveillance camera located on the adjacent street.

A car believed to have hit a barrier and lost control. Instead there was only a pile of twisted wreckage. But interestingly, when rescuers received a signal of an emergency call, arrived at the scene, they found 20-year-old victim miraculously got out of it and lay at a small distance from the Audi, albeit unconscious. At the same time until the rescuers to the car no one came, and she did it independently. The young woman suffered multiple injuries and was in critical condition, however, was alive when medics transported her to the hospital.

The cause of the accident is still investigated.

Other videos search for the link.

Photo: YouTube

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