Tesla helped their customers to escape from a hurricane

DLa this Tesla programmatically unlock the full power of the battery installed in models S, X, 60 and 60D. During the evacuation, declared in the state because of the hurricane, one of the customers found that the range of the car is not enough to leave the disaster area and contacted the company with a request to increase the capacity of the battery, the car was able to drive an additional 40 miles. And his request was granted.

Note that some inexpensive models Tesla electric cars offered with limited capacity batteries in 60 kWh, although they had fixed the battery on 75 kWh.

Theoretically, frozen 15 kWh and so the owner could use, but it would have had to pay from 4.5 to 9 thousand dollars depending on the model. Now, however, Tesla went to the meeting to all owners of electric cars in Florida, temporarily unlocking the extra power. After the software update of the progress of electric cars grew by about 64 kilometers.

Note that because of the “Irma” — the longest in the history of the category five storm in the Western and Central parts of Florida, the speed of wind gusts reached up to 360 kilometers per hour, many towns were flooded and remained without electricity for about 3 million people.

Previously, large-scale natural disaster happened in Texas, where because of the hurricane “Harvey” has suffered about half a million cars.

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