The Bavarians declassified new flagship SUV BMW X7

BMW unveiled a concept SUV X7 iPerformance.

In BMW said that the concept is purely a show car. The length of a new equal 5 020 mm, width is 2 020 mm, a height of 1 800 mm and wheelbase of 3,010 mm. the Car is “worth” on 23-inch wheels.

The concept is equipped with 23-inch wheels, laser lights, huge panoramic roof, 12.3-inch electronic instrument panel, two separate rear seats and a separate multimediai with touch screens.

Each passenger seat can be individually adjusted. Multimedia complex allows information to be transferred from passenger to passenger, from your tablet any audio track can be sent immediately to the radio to transmit, for example, with your screen, read an article on another monitor in the car or send the address from the email directly into the navigation system.

BMW X7 iPerformance equipped with a hybrid powertrain, it features the company did not disclose. Presumably, in the engine range of the serial SUV will include Biturbo petrol engines 3.0 V6 and 4.4 V8 capacity of 340 and 445 HP respectively, as well as diesel engines. It is also possible the emergence of a hybrid version.
Commodity option BMW X7 will appear in 2018. The production model will be deployed at the U.S. plant in Spartanburg.

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