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The biggest discounts: what a car on the secondary they really get

The most generous were the owners of Peugeot and Citroen, and the most intractable — the owners of Nissan cars.Elena Alekseeva


Sasha love Kia, Oli love Mazda: check that any car you drive

The willingness of the Russians to provide a discount when selling your car evaluated by experts of the analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT”. Using an online survey they found that on average sellers are willing to throw down 6.3 percent from the original asking price, but depending on the brand of the vehicle sold, this figure may vary.

Most of all willing to give a discount to the owners of Citroen and Peugeot — they agree to make a discount of over 11%. The five most “generous” also includes the sellers Mitsubishi with a score of 8.9%, Mazda — 8%, and Volvo is 7.3%.

Can give a price greater than the average for the sample, the BMW owners (6,9%), Hyundai (6.9%) and Skoda (of 6.5%).

The most intractable were the owners of Nissan cars, they can throw only 4.3%, Kia — 4.8%, and Audi is 4.9%. The owners of domestic Lada is also not too generous — they are willing to give not more than 5.2% of the originally asking price.

In a survey conducted in March of 2019, was attended by 1,900 vehicles 2011-2017 release.

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Infographics: AUTOSTAT”

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