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The city against the inhabitants: the Car is yours? Well, you and are looking for a place for her!

Fans of the “European” way of life seriously aimed to deprive the people of our country the opportunity to own a personal car.“Behind the wheel”

Moscow urbanists in their blogs gave a simultaneous salvo from all the guns, taking in the sight of the residents of the conventional apartment buildings. Shells fell not closely, but the aggressiveness is off the charts. As a reference urbanists show beautiful pictures of the European courts, where there are no cars — only benches, fountains, playgrounds, blooming flower beds, the eye is pleased. Ask us: aren’t you in Paris? It’s so beautiful! Go out of the door and find yourself in a blooming garden, you can walk among the carefully planted trees of particular varieties, sit on a bench design XXI century, to see how fashionable on the Playground the children play…

Stop! Here we must stop. Excuse me, but where are our urbanists offer residents of apartment buildings to keep their cars? After all this splendor is expected to build on the site of existing Parking lots and by narrowing mardonovich driveways! And we hear the quiet answer: look for the garage, because now you will have no cars in the yard. However, the garages they have demolished almost everything, clearing the site for construction of another residential celovalnikov and office buildings. Now storing machine — the problem of the car owner.

Whether in Europe have abandoned cars in favor of green courtyards, ecology, goodness and justice and moved on ecoversity and fashionable Segways? On the contrary! Statistics says the strong growth in sales in 2018 in Europe has sold more than 15 million cars!

All photos of the European car-free courtyards that we see with glowing eyes, showed only that the Europeans keep their cars somewhere else. Where?

To find a hint. In the capital there are houses designed with the mind: there is also a Park, and restaurant, and storage space for bicycles and wheelchairs, as well as General Parking! Ground in several levels. What a miracle-district? I wanted to live there? Do not unroll a lip. The German Embassy is a town located near the metro station “Yugo-Zapadnaya”. The real Europe in the post-Soviet Moscow, got a virus urbanism, which, alas, occurs in an atypical form — the Potemkin.

A truly comfortable living environment, about which they say at every corner urbanists Moscow spill – is not benches, curbs and tiles. It is primarily a space organization that gives people living in a particular apartment building, convenient (and affordable!) the ability to store their property.

Once solved the problem of storage of personal property (it the closets, belabacsi, off-street Parking lot vehicles), immediately freed space to create a comfortable environment, which in this case is perceived as a benefit. It’s as if you have laid scattered on the flat things in the wardrobe or a shelf — and immediately freed place.

Unfortunately, Moscow urbanists did not care about the question of storage of our property. For them the main thing is to make sure to have more tiles, borders and rolling lawns. And whether it is people, urbanists don’t care because they make their projects not for people, and for the bosses.

Urban studies in Russia, so divorced from reality that many adherents of this semi-religious sect are now seriously challenge the ability of a person of private property, if he is not able to store it properly (probably soon comes to claims of confiscation of such property). While the infrastructure for organized storage of cars urbanists not only develop, but even deliberately destroy it, for example when designing and building in the former Parking lots sidewalks 50‑foot wide, on which no one walks, even in summer.

The city needs a sober approach, based on logic and common sense. Until will not stop the construction of the great Potemkin village of border stone and tile, will fester the conflict. Unfortunately, over the last ten years, virtually all the capital’s car owners have unwittingly become the characters in the film “Garage”. And it is expected that this scenario will be extended to St. Petersburg and other cities of our vast country.

Author Peter Shkumatov

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