The Czech President doesn’t want to pay for Parking

Twhen the President’s motorcade stopped in front of the regional administration building, occupying 13 paid Parking spaces. Eventually the day came running 1066 crowns.

The organizer of the visit of the head of state was made by the Pilsen region, who asked the city authorities to write off expenses for official visits is a common practice. However, this time city hall, opposition-minded to the current head of the Czech Republic, refused.

And then began an utter scandal — the press Secretary of the President Jiri Ovcacek defiantly sent 1 066 kč to the account of the city charities Diecezni charita Plzen, calling upon the officials of Pilsen city hall “political freaks.”

In the end, the local authorities have repaid the debt from its budget.

Against this background, it is advantageous to look from an anonymous American city Minersville (Pennsylvania), sent to the local town hall a letter enclosed in an envelope five dollar bill. So, after 44 years of remorse the author of the message has paid a Parking ticket issued to him in 1974.

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