The most striking concepts of the Frankfurt motor show. Our report

Heard that a dozen automotive brands declined to participate in the 67th International Frankfurt Motor Show? Do not worry. After more than fifty world-renowned automobile manufacturers still had the stands in Frankfurt. Were such novelties, some of which were breathtaking. The correspondent of our source said the brightest.Actually, the question about the brightness of new products, to some extent, debatable. Because the evaluation criteria may be different. Not to mention tastes. Someone has the best ratio quality/price, someone the fastest speed, and someone – the futuristic design or the most advanced technologies of Autonomous control.

About the updates on each of these criteria, our source will tell separately. And today – those models that hooked. Moreover, subjectively, the correspondent of our source. And no offense (who more and who less liked) is told in alphabetical order.

The name of the Japanese company Aspark, and especially its OWL model, is unlikely to cause you any Association. However, this electric car is going to be dispersed to hundred faster than the Koenigsegg, Porsche, and even than presented in Frankfurt Bugatti Chiron. The latter accelerates in 42 seconds. But not to hundreds, and up to 400 km/h! The Japanese are not confused, and apparently, only egged. Not coincidentally OWL presented under the menacing thunder. Afraid of us!

Even despite the fact that OWL two electric motors power total (compared to a Bugatti) 360 kW and 65 kW 764 Nm of torque. This is enough for a lightweight body of carbon fiber. But the maximum travel distance of 150 km.

Electric concept BMW Vision Dynamics I the style continues to develop design electric i8. And, of course, that it also on electric. Perhaps this is the future BMW i5. The reserve promised in 600 km. And now. The doors did not open, even the handle is concealed – you can see this concept only for the outer design. Here pay attention to like fans 2-color wheels. And that there are no exterior mirrors. Instead of a rear view camera.

The main distinguishing feature of all of the novelties of the Frankfurt BMW – increased “nostril” grille. If they had become less and less ootober the process is reversed. BMW decided to breathe.

Restored Chinese BAIC brand Borgwardis in the best tradition of German romanticism of the 60-ies of the last century, introduced the concept of unexpected Isabella. Looking at his form and sliding doors, the impression that the years of enforced inactivity in Borgward slipped externally and are already thinking about the 2nd half of the 21st century. In the 60’s, was a Borgward coupe Isabella, reminiscent of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL. The Frankfurt concept does not resemble anything. And in this originality is its charm. It’s fashionable and large 5-meter and 5-door 4-seater coupe – electric car with 2 motors (on all axis). Total power: 300 HP

On the stand, Chery correspondent of our source met the chief designer for Chinese brand James hope. He stood from his conceptual cross-coupe Tiggo.

It is electric and with the autopilot feature. Some technical details the Chinese as usual are not reported. But the correspondent of our source was able to learn that the Chinese have promised 500 km course, full recharges in 7 hours and 80% in half an hour. And kupelny acceleration to hundred for 7 seconds, which provides electric capacity of 130 kW.

Not only is Porsche making a sports wagon. Conceptual KIA Proceed looks almost like Korean “Panamera”. It was developed in German design Studio, combining the swiftness of the 3-door hatchback with the practicality of a 5-Dordogne wagon. Proceed stands on 20-inch disks and has the label GT. Led tail lights – “star dust”, as in Mercedes-Benz.

In the beauty of polished wood and aluminium and the steering column under the color of pomegranate body. Glass door without frames, handles hidden in the door, and the seats – skins similar to dinnerone black sheep. But, as it became known to the correspondent of our source is the prototype of the future generation… the KIA CEE’d!

KIA wants to make its premium mass model. Our report from Frankfurt

Modern and, most importantly, live Batmobile introduced in Frankfurt Mercedes-Benz. About Betmobil – not only an artistic image, because Mercedes-AMG Project One first, accelerates to 200 km/h in less than 6 seconds (!). Second has a capacity of 1000 HP And the third at the stern had the typical batmanesque fin. The truth is one.

Adapted for public roads hypercar built by F1 technology. It is a hybrid, under the hood, which V6 and 2 electric motors with a capacity of 122 and 163 HP Thus the AMG celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. By the way, the dynamics of up to 200 km/h at Project One better than the Bugatti Chiron.

“Stars have aligned”. What modern Mercedes-Benz

Although not a world premiere, but the correspondent of our source could not pass electric convertible Mercedes Maybach 6. It has 4 electric motors with a total capacity of 750 HP, which dispersed it to hundreds in 4 seconds. Cruising range – 400 km But it is, by and large, nothing compared to the stunning exterior. Finally in the Mercedes-Benz realized that the Maybach is not just an elongated S-Class.

Renault, naturally, with the help of Laurens van Den Acker introduced Autonomous van Simbioz. At the premiere were Sam van Den Acker, in his constant – style sneakers and a suit. At this time, sneakers were the color of the concept.

Unmanned Simbioz can be seen on the roads already where-that year in 2030. So I think in Renault. And show, how convenient. A lack of sleep in the morning went to the car and she will drive you to work. And through the glass transparent top you can watch the stars.

Salon with table and rotating and folding chairs – a continuation of home interior. Yes, and stand van will be in the house, according to the French video. After all, Simbioz – electric car, which means to stink of gasoline and drip oil is not. But if you have the desire you can own steer. In the nearly 5-foot van that weighs more than 2 tons, 2 electric motor that can produce up to 680 HP and 640 Nm of torque. The reserve promised in 400 km.

Skoda continues to surprise. Its concept Vision E – the first electric car from ŠKODA. This car has two electric motors with total capacity of 225 kW (306 HP). The reserve reaches an impressive 500 kilometers, and the maximum speed is 180 km/h IN the ŠKODA VISION E there is no Central pillar and the rear doors are opened against the motion. The ŠKODA VISION E dimensions: length – 4 668 mm, width – 1 924 mm, and a height of 1 591 mm.

smart, which is usually not surprising designer finds at the IAA Frankfurt 2017 showed not only a fundamentally new type of body, but of a fundamentally new type of car. Concept vision EQ fortwo, electric of course. And he is unmanned. Exactly. No “want to drive”. No steering wheel. There is a curved instrument panel without anything.

Sit down, say where to go. The original round door open so that evoke the wings of a ladybug. He balled the car – almost all transparent. Seats – 2. Can theoretically appear on the roads in 2030.

In the coming days our source, as promised, will continue the thematic of the publication of the Frankfurt motor show. And talk about production cars that will soon appear in Ukraine.


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