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The owner has refused the insurance and was able to return almost all the money

It turned out, the financial Ombudsman may be useful.Elena Alekseeva


8.5 thousands of car owners complained to CTP

As you know, within 14 days after purchase insurance, you can cancel the contract by returning its full value or part of it depends on whether the contract act or not. The cooling-off period imposed by the Bank of Russia, it is valid from 1 January 2018.

A resident of Chelyabinsk in spring of insured hull, paying 28.2 thousand rubles, but then changed his mind. She sent a statement of termination to the insurance company by registered mail. According to her calculations, she had to return 27,3 thousand roubles, informs “the Russian newspaper”. However, the insurer decided otherwise and offered to return only 16,8 thousand rubles.

Then celebica appealed to the financial Ombudsman, who since June 2019 is the arbitrator in disputes with insurance companies. The Ombudsman for the rights of consumers of financial services shall decide the dispute faster than the court — he has 15 days. If an examination is needed, the period may increase, but not more than 10 working days.

Insurance motivated the decision with that client later sent a letter requesting the termination of the contract, however, avtovladelets confirmed the date of sending postal documents. Penambuco sided with the Complainants: according to the documents, was that it calculated the sum of correct, and the insurance recovered the remaining part of the award.

The decision of the Commissioner necessary for the performance of the insurance company, as citizens, they have the right, if they don’t agree with funambulism to go to court. Apply on the Agency’s website, where there is a special template. For citizens it’s free and no special knowledge is required. In the service of dinobuton asking citizens not to turn to intermediaries, taking a fee for their services, and in case of dispute first to write an appeal on the financial Ombudsman website.

  • Thus, penambuco became an obligatory mediator in disputes in all types of insurance, including CTP. With the new year to work with the financial representative is obliged and microfinance institutions.


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