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The rapid crossroad: it happens that the cars fly

The British driver even could not imagine that he was waiting at the intersection.Elena Alekseeva

The incident recorded camera video recorder in the small town of JAT (South Gloucestershire, England). The car owner went to the adjacent street to the main road with the permitted speed of 40 mph (64 km/h) in his Citroen C1. And at this time, across in front of him literally flying car at a speed exceeding 70 mph (112 km/h). Lucky he is only “a few seconds”, otherwise the consequences would be unpredictable. And so in the end no one was hurt, but the car “flyer” was totally destroyed.

This video is another proof that man proposes, a higher power have. Than it was for someone who serendipitously dodged a bullet — a warning and a lucky sign? In any case, there is reason to think. And we in the coming year we wish all motorists that they are not faced here with such “nezhdanchik” on the roads.

  • Florida pickup truck at high speed flew into the airport terminal.

Video: YouTube

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