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The Volkswagen was stolen redeemed for desligada cars

In the US a few dozen Volkswagens and Audi was missing from the Parking lot. The Volkswagen group used to keep vehicles purchased from customers after the outbreak of disilicate. The alarm was raised when these machines began to emerge in databases.

It happened in the U.S. state of Michigan: from the Parking lot of an abandoned stadium “Silverdawn”, where there are hundreds of diesel Volkswagens and Audi, started the car, reports the Oakland Press News. It turned out that a stolen car was sold at auction in Indiana. Just lost about 60 cars with fake documents were moved to southern Indiana and Kentucky, and more than half of them were for sale in local dealerships.

However Volkswagen keeps track of all the cars of their brands, which are sold on the secondary market. That began to emerge VIN codes mothballed machines, after which representatives of the group went to the police. It remains a mystery why the loss is not noticed in the Parking lot, we are talking not about one or two cars, and the tens!

The police found 22 stolen cars, and they were taken back to Michigan. They are stored now in another place, the manufacturer will soon move all the purchased cars, as it became known that Parking in the “Silverdome” have to go under demolition.

  • New defendants in the case of disilicate became a French concern PSA Peugeot Citroen, which after Volkswagen accused of fraud with harmful emissions.
  • Volkswagen was accused of falsifying test results of diesel engines in the U.S. in September 2015. Since then, the scandal it fades, then flares up with new force.


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