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Too clever motorist for failure to pay alimony lost the car

Now the defaulter is forced to join the ranks of pedestrians, reported the press service of UFSSP of Russia in Krasnoyarsk Krai.

A resident of Krasnoyarsk owed for alimony on the maintenance of the daughter more than 350 000 rubles. Bailiffs appealed to his wisdom and fatherly feelings. Feelings were not any, energy left to carefully hide assets and income from the daughter and the staff.

Even the car the man put on the next street, but officers managed to locate his minivan Toyota Corolla Spacio. The bailiffs seized on his arrest, was loaded onto the tow truck and transported to a place of safekeeping.

Now the van is waiting for evaluation, and if dad for 10 days does not repay the debt, the vehicle will go under the hammer, and the money to pay debt.

  • From January 15, 2016 delinquent child support may temporarily limit the license. This exposure tool has appeared in the bailiffs. Last pleased, noting that this is a very effective measure, especially for the worst alimony, conceal their property.
  • The inhabitant of Ufa has also paid his car: a vehicle was arrested after the violators of traffic rules managed in just three months to accumulate 218 unpaid fines.

Photo: Alexey smishlyaev/TASS

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