Truck Mercedes X-Class turned into a Maybach

Pikap got parts from convertible Mercedes-Maybach S650 and new body parts are made of CFRP, in particular, carbon fiber bumpers, fender flares, mirror housings and fencing of the loading platform. Just a body kit developed for the X-Class specialists Carlex, consists of 15 components. The floor of the truck with teak, which is used for finishing the decks of ships and yachts.

The beauty of a pickup truck upholstered in Nappa leather Porzellan, which is used for interior decoration of the latest models from Mercedes-Maybach, as well as Alcantara and exotic wood species. In addition, the regular seats were replaced with sports seats Recaro Sportster.

As for the engine, the Studio Carlex Design have traditionally not engaged in tuning power units, specializing in luxury interior and exterior. Mercedes-Benz X-Class Yachting Edition will release a limited edition for an estimated price of 105 thousand euros for instance.

Toy tuning

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