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What happened to 98-m gasoline? It replaced the AI-100?

Expert “Behind the wheel” to check the rumors about the disappearance of gasoline AI-98.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

— Why don’t you write about that at a large refinery 98‑th gasoline for several years out of production? Instead, they now sell only the “hundredths”.

— I specifically addressed in Rosneft with the issue. I quote the official response:

“Refineries Rosneft produce gasoline with 98 octane and 100 octane. Gasoline AI‑100 produces Ryazan refinery, which is the main fuel supplier of this brand in the Moscow market.”

I should add that at the gas station Rosneft also offer gasolines with octane numbers of 80, 92 and 95.

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  • What gas station and what fuel? All the details in this publication.


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