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What if there was icy rain — simple tips to the driver

January 2020 is a lot of output, many children on the streets and roads, and unpredictable weather. How not to spoil a good mood yourself or others?Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

In January you want something unusual. For example, snow… Humor from the Network

Experienced with knowledge of the matter say that January is the month acquitted of alcoholism. Really, what’s so surprising: it’s the holidays, and two New year, and Orthodox Christmas. And someone here will add and Catholic, which began to celebrate in the past year. And then there’s Christmas, Tatyana’s day, etc.

So, the main January advice for motorists: be extremely careful while driving! Agree that the chance encounter on the road with not very sober party movement in this period increases. In addition, in January on the roads will be a large number of children: holidays, Christmas trees, gifts, euphoria, noise, noise, inattention… Therefore, the driver can not be relaxed. Ideally, of course, it would be good to do to talk to get this period behind the wheel, but to give such advice on the website “Behind the wheel” language is not rotated.

So one thing remains: to follow the usual winter advice. The weather in January is hard to predict: let’s hope that winter will still come. But it seems more likely freezing rain, after which get inside the machine becomes, frankly, is not easy. In this case again, if the door does not want to open, it is necessary to try to pounce on it from outside, thus attempting to break the formed ice. In some cases it makes sense to release the trunk lid, use her then get out the cabin, if the machine design allows. But the most obvious solution — kettle with boiling water — it would be still better not to use it. Body paint — a capricious thing. Once again recall that, in any case, it makes sense to pre-treat the rubber seals of the doors and boot with silicone grease. But if managed to get inside, but the doors remain frozen, it makes sense to ride on some kind of subterranean Parking: there is car thaw…

Also like the wipers freeze to the glass. The simplest method to prevent trouble — “scoring” leads to the Parking time. However, not all cars allow it to do. If the event already occurred, it is not necessary to torment the electric motor trying to move the wipers from their seats. Most likely, we’ll burn the fuse, that’s all. Better to start up the engine, but most of the time to arm yourself with a scraper, trying mechanical action to save the wipers from captivity. And the glass in the Parking area janitors, meanwhile, warms up a bit.

Folding side mirrors, likely offended by freezing rain. The automatic folding and unfolding makes sense to disable to warmer times. However, just in the cold all can work normally: the main thing is to avoid icing.

And about freezing. Leaving the car in the Parking lot until the next trip, take the time to discover a couple of minutes his door, letting out warm moist air. This will help reduce the likelihood of frosting glass from the inside and reduce the risk of freezing of doors.

Of the unpopular councils once again remembered the shovel in the trunk. Not a toy (made of plastic) and real metal, which can really throw the snow. It can be useful not only for the city but also in cities, where the snow sometimes there eyes. Passed, for example, blowers Yes moved tons of snow from the roadway sideways and there as time your car is parked… it is here that a normal shovel will come in handy.

Second unpopular winter tip for the speed and choice of distance. The vagaries of this winter are that the situation under the wheels can vary continuously — the ice, wet slush, dry asphalt. So we always have to be prepared to ensure that tomorrow on the usual road, the car will behave quite differently, as it was yesterday. A recipe for security is the same: do not drive and stay clear of everyone… as far As possible, of course.

Anyone who has other January “utility” and is willing to share, we invite you to do it.

Happy journey and good mood in 2020!

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