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What should be in the garage each motorist? Five ideas for a Christmas gift

New year — a holiday that forces us to wrestle with the gifts. How to figure out what to give? Look in the garage and look carefully that it is not enough!FOR PUBLICITY

1. Rechargeable chainsaw

Battery technology continues to regain its place in the garages, gardeners, owners of country houses and just users who appreciate comfort and time. Rechargeable chain saw like new this year — the Husqvarna 330i — quiet, lightweight (2.7 kg) and very easy to use tool which accurately assess the owner.

With its help, you can effortlessly perform any household work: to prepare firewood, pitch a gazebo on the property, cutting branches and even small trees, moreover — to clear road obstacles like a fallen tree!

Due to the fact that this tool works with the rechargeable Li-Ion batteries of different capacities, you only need to determine the duration of your work and have the charged battery nearby. No gasoline, oil, cooking fuel mixtures! Efficient brushless motor BLDC ensure the performance of the network is not inferior to the gasoline counterparts. SavE mode in battery technology will increase battery life, and intuitive control panel (to start, you just need to enable a button) will do the job especially easy.

2. Rechargeable air blower

Continuing the theme of modern trends. Rechargeable leaf blowers prove their versatility: this unit will help you quickly clear the area of debris, fallen leaves, branches; blow away the snow from garden trees, and most importantly — with the car! Low noise level won’t disturb the neighbors at their summer cottage.

From Husqvarna 320iB Mark II excellent weight distribution with a balanced design, comfortable grip and intuitive controls. Air velocity 57 m/s — optimal for performing all these tasks. Cruise control will help to adjust the necessary speed, and increased power to cope even with complex tasks.

And an important point in favor of the selection of replacement equipment. One battery Husqvarna BLi designed for up to 1,500 cycles of charge-discharge, suitable for any product from the battery of the series. For long and stable operation, keep batteries in a warm room.

3. Snegootbrasyvateli

Compact, easy to use, with sufficient width and required processing power are the main criteria of choice. For whom, and why is it needed? For owners of sites, garages, which are required to effectively clear the snow from the tracks at the station, Playground, garage exit to move freely and travel by car.

Petrol snow throwers Husqvarna 100 series models ST ST 131 and 151 with an engine power of 4 kW at 3450 rpm and a treatment width 53 cm designed for daily cleaning of freshly fallen snow up to 33 cm These snow throwers are very compact, have a relatively low weight, and thanks to its ergonomics (folding arms) will take up little space in the garage. Having an electric starter to start greatly simplifies the preparation of the blowers to work and allows you to start the engine by just pressing a button, even in extreme cold. Snegootbrasyvateli Husqvarna ST 151 is furthermore equipped with an LED headlight for working in the dark.

Particularly relevant these units become in moments of sudden deterioration of weather conditions, so care about them in advance.

4. High pressure washer

Without further ADO, sink — an indispensable technique in the garage of any motorist. The most popular field of application is the cleaning of the car, because it is an economical way to keep your vehicle in a neat condition, especially in seasons when machines require frequent washing due to the increased amounts of dust and dirt.

A compact high pressure washer Husqvarna 360 PW performance 420-500 l/h, a pressure of 160 bar with increased lifespan has a metal construction pump for long life and equipped with a high pressure hose with a reinforced coating for even greater reliability. This unit with the additional attachments performs a significant range of tasks for the care of the house and a large garden: cleaning sidewalks, brick walls and wooden structures; cleaning of hard to reach places, including pipe drainage.

5. Generator

A prudent homeowner has in his garage, such equipment in the event of power outages or electricity in places where it is not. For continuous operation choose a generator with a capacity of not less than 5.0 kW. Husqvarna G5500P with a reliable gasoline engine displacement 389 cm3 is easy to launch, equipped with system of automatic control of oil level and the fuel tank with a volume of 27 liters for continuous operation.

Generator set, which are the wheels ensures ease of movement. And for ease of operation a start-up function with ignition key.

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