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Winter tips motorist. Unexpected and useful

New year is coming, and with it — alas, it happens! new automobile problems.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

Before the New year everyone should be in a good mood. And afterwards, in General, too. Let’s improve it together!

Do not place under the tree that would not like to receive yourself

To find under the tree a gift is always nice. The disappointment comes in the form of trinkets or postcards with other people’s standard words from the printers. If you want to make a gift to the motorist, then try to put under the Christmas tree is something obviously useful (at least pretty). If you don’t need to much to shell out, especially on corporate events — even a set of rags today looks very nice, and they come in handy always! Do not be redundant and plastic bottles with mywiki and a pack of moisturizing wipes, and even a bottle of chemicals for General use (for example, the displacer water from the fuel tank). A lot of money on it will not go away, and the mood just raise.

And another tip in the subject. In no case do not give deliberately broken fixtures such as “economicaly fuel” plug-in cigarette lighter socket, or “pocket starters” on penlight batteries that are connected to the same. Do not contribute to the enrichment of crooks that sell similar products.

The utmost vigilance during the period of the holiday hustle and bustle!

When on the streets there are Christmas trees, garlands and other fun attributes of the upcoming holidays, in some moments inevitably arise winter road collapses. People gone crazy rushing somewhere for shopping, from the heavens at this time begin to pour in tons of snow or worse, freezing rain falls along the roadways instead of cars parked in the snow in General, continuous psychosis.

In this part of drivers that there may not be entirely sober…

The situation is repeated every year, and it is unlikely that this will be no exception. And the Council is simple: try to limit your trips in a period of General shopping and other madness. Buy gifts a little in advance.

Remove from tank water

By hook or by crook, but the water in the fuel tank still gets. The reasons are many: high humidity ambient air, the incompetence of the tanker, the hygroscopicity of the individual components of gasoline, etc. To no icicles did not spoil the engine life, I suggest once or twice a season to pour into the fuel tank a bottle blagovesnaya additives in the sale is complete. A secret will add that the additives for gasoline and diesel engines are essentially the same. The drug will bind water and assist her getting into the combustion chamber. But pour pure alcohol, even if you have a lot of it, not suggest.

Forget the summer of diesel fuel

Owners of petrol cars such problems is unknown by definition. But diesel fuel is clearly divided into summer and winter. Unfortunately, examination of the last years, which consistently hold with the arrival of winter, shows that, on average, every fifth sample of the fuel safely is frozen in a domestic freezer. Moreover, sellers do not hesitate to trade summer DT: Annex to the standard which referred to the seasonality of the use of fuels is recommended!

The best way to avoid refueling with summer fuel does not please everyone: I have always advised and continue to advise to refuel only on branded gas stations network. In our last examinations such fuel had failed. As for the “Almighty” of anthela, they really know how a few to reduce the pour point, but will not be able to make summer diesel fuel in winter. Such detailing is only good for prevention. And if fuel has already started to change the aggregate state, then pour the bottles into the tank later.

Feel free to bask in the cold

Don’t listen to talkers, repeating someone else’s speculation about the uselessness of warming up modern cars. This electric car can run without a warm-up, good and warm-there is nothing. And internal combustion engines warmed up long and uneven. And where there are large temperature differences occur high voltage. Attempt at ice machine dashing someone around often ends in engine repair, even if he was ultramodern.

Smoke under people’s Windows, of course, do not just all necessary measure. Had started the car, brushed the snow, walked around, sat down, did — quietly went. By the way, the engine will warm up faster than the Parking lot.

Do not pick the flowers of life

In the holidays on the roads dramatically increases the number of free learning kids of different ages and temperament. Some of them insulted to heed the traffic signals, markings and other restraints of the liberties. Add to this smartphones, headphones, hoods, and other “improvers” of attention. But any accident with a pedestrian, the fault is almost certainly recognized the driver — say, you have to be careful, driving means high risk! Options, in General, no — you have to be careful.

Get mobile snow

Winter gives us a new sophistication on the subject: on the roads of the matter are cars with huge snow drifts on the roof, trunk and sometimes on the hood. Here the advice is simple: never stoop to such a drive yourself! And it’s not just aesthetics: the snow-traveling can cause a lot of trouble. Here are just some: when you slide on the hood so the snow will block visibility when driving can cause serious damage to the car behind in the Parking lot so the car looks abandoned, causing thieves something to Stribro. And worsens the aerodynamics, increasing voracity, etc.

Visit supermarkets!

Again about gifts? No, the fact that in the cold from time to time the car can buck: say, frozen summer omyvayki, picked up the glass or the trunk, do not obey the collecting mirror. In such cases, if you still managed to get to the salon, the machine is best a little warm — up to it just underground Parking various commercial establishments. Just don’t forget, leaving school, still processing the same sealing gum and other naughty elementarysecondary grease, otherwise drive in such places will always have.

Penetrante the trunk

If you are driving not only the Neva and Tver, then feel free to carry in the trunk some “antediluvian” things — a warm jacket, normal shovel, matches, a flashlight. In General, imagine for once that frosty night you’ll have to wait a few hours away from McDonald’s and a gas station — fantasy will tell you a lot. And my standard advice, which may have been fed up with is the battery charger for smartphones and other iPhones. They tend to run out at the wrong time.

A separate Board — normal jump lead to the “booster”. And may it never come in handy.

Pour in the tank “wrong” omyvayki

On this subject we have already spoken so many times, enough for a dozen media. For cold regions with real Russian frosts need not be permitted isopropyl washer fluid, smelly and zagustevaniya, and the normal methanol — as in Canada and Scandinavia. They will not lose their cold flow and will save you a good review. Markets and other bazaars, they, fortunately, are sold. The disadvantage they have one: definitely not suitable for consumption inside. But does a normal person would do that?

Get chains

If the upcoming vacation you are going to spend somewhere in the Alps, and want to get there on their own, you must be sure to ask the need to use snow chains in your chosen vacation spot. Almost certainly the answer is Yes. And need it to be the chain, not any of their substitutes. So it is better to get them in advance than to buy them in the resort area, is guaranteed to be cheaper.

Hire janitors!

In winter, when normal review prevent not only dirt, but also snow, ice and other reagents, it will be useful to have extra sets of windshield wipers.

Do not have to take expensive models — our recent examination showed that the actual capacity of the brushes had little to do with their cost. But the work on the rough surface of the frozen glass quickly invalidates even the best wiper. Nothing wrong with that: the wipers — is typical consumables. Just when it becomes clear that the item is worn, it is better to calmly replace it and ride on, rather than look through “the gap in the rings of Saturn”.

With the upcoming holidays!

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